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El post de esta semana fue escrito por el Dr. Amit Nagpal, quien vive en Nueva Delhi/India.  Amit Nagpal es un ifluenciador en redes sociales, y un renombrado Storyteller /Digital Storyteller.  Sus habilidades únicas se concentran en la práctica de Storytelling Inspiracional, anécdotas, y Storytelling para la construcción de marca. Cuenta con más de 15 años de experiencia como coach, entrenador y de trabajo corporativo.  

Pueden conocer su historia personal acá o leer sus entrevistas  en televisión, periódicos e internet acá

Su cuenta de Twitter es @DrAmitInspires.  Para seguirlo en sus diferentes cuentas sociales pueden visitar el siguiente enlace

En su escrito Dr Amit Nagpal, nos muestra cuales son las características principales con las que debe contar un perfil de Twitter para que refleje nuestra historia de la mejor forma.  Una lectura indispensable para todo aquel que quiera dar un abrebocas de su historia, de la mejor forma posible, en tan solo 160 caracteres. 

This week’s post was written by Dr. Amit Nagpal who lives in New Dehli/India.  Dr. Amit Nagpal is a Social Media Influencer and a renowned Storyteller / Digital Storyteller. His unique skill lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes/ storytelling on social and online media for brand building. He has more than 15 years of work experience in training/coaching and corporate.  You can get to know him better by visiting the following links:  

You can know about his personal story here or read his tv, internet and newspapers interviews here

His Twitter account is @DrAmitInspires.   To follow him in his different social media acccounts, please visiti  the following link.

In his piece Dr. Amit Nagpal show us which are the main characteristics that a twitter profile should have, in order to reflect our story in the best possible way.  This post is a must read for anyone who is interested in showcasing their story in only 160 characters.   

Does Your Twitter profile tell a captivating story?

So does your Twitter profile tell a captivating story? Is your bio exciting enough that the reader will feel like checking out your tweets? Let us take a look at some catchy bios and how your bio shows your evolution over time. 

The first section of this post looks at bios of some prominent Tweeps and the factors which make a bio interesting. In the second section, I have described and analysed how my Twitter bio has changed in the past five years and whether it truly reflects my evolution and growth as an individual & a professional.

 What makes your Twitter Bio Interesting?

What makes a Twitter bio unique and interesting? Making a Twitter bio interesting and telling your story in 160 characters is not easy for sure. Here are some basic elements of a good Twitter profile or bio:-

Use your real name, if you use Twitter for business. The exceptions may be professions like parody accounts, comedian etc

If you can use the same photo on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, it would be ideal.

Make it professional and still unique

Give a website URL which connects to your “My / Our story” and talks about your services in detail

Here are the seven most catchy profiles on Twitter in my opinion, and what is catchy about them:

  • Mark Schaefer (Social Media Guru) @markwschaefer : Chieftain of the blog {grow} & social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, author of five best-selling books including Social Media Explained & The Content Code

Catchy part of it- Social media bouncer and he does bounce

  • Shekhar Kapur (Film Director) @shekharkapur : Neither prejudiced by the past, nor in fear of the future. The moment. Only the moment. http://www.shekharkapur.com 

Catchy part of it- simple and sweet. Focuses on the power of the moment, “Neither prejudiced by the past, nor in fear of the future”

  • Michael Margolis (Business storytelling Guru) @getstoried : CEO | Get Storied | StoryU | World’s leading school for business storytelling | Left-handed, color-blind, believes chocolate is a food group.

Catchy part of it- the authenticity in the last line, “Left-handed, color-blind, believes chocolate is a food group”

  • Sonam Kapoor (Bollywood actress) @sonamkapoor : a female actor who lives to eat and read in that order.

Catchy part of it- brutal honesty and simplicity

  • Sachin Tendulkar (Indian cricketer) @sachin_rt: Proud Indian

Catchy part of it –One of the shortest bios ever seen. A man called “God of cricket” need not write more in his bio after all

  • Funny Tweets (Vikas) @autocorrects: Laughing for 10 minutes is good for your abs and muscles, follow me for an intense workout! Contact : [email protected] /@ivikaspawar

Catchy part of it- Humour and its correlation with workout

  • John Hagel @jhagel: Work and play on the edge – views breathtaking, experiences deep and satisfying, learning limitless 

Catchy part of it- Yes integrating work and play requires you to do edgewalking

Over a period of time, as you build a committed fan following, they would like to even read your favourited tweets. So favorite the recommendations, testimonies, and positive tweets from your customers, associates and fans. It works as a social proof and builds your reputation and credibility.

In the second section, I looked at my Twitter bio on the website bioischanged.com and analysed how my Twitter bio has changed in the past five years and how it reflects my evolution and growth as an individual and a professional. 

My first Twitter bio

Helping you-ENLARGE as Human Being #PersonalDevelopment →EXCEL as #SocialMedia Being→ EVOLVE as #PersonalBrand They say I influence http://pinstorm.com/

The bio emphasised upon my approach as a coach.

The Story Moves on

I have been playing with my Twitter bio (and LinkedIn headline) primarily due to my creative instincts and also to show my evolution over a period of time. I used ten bios over a period of five years using storytelling techniques like mystery, action, memorability and so on.

The first uses 4 Cs to tell the profile in a memorable way.

Consultant (Personal Branding), Coach, Connector & Collaborator They say I influence http://pinstorm.com/

The next one is action oriented and asks the reader, “Are you ready?”

Let’s tell your ‘Inspiring Success Story’ Are you Ready? (Storytelling on Social Media for personal brands, product brands and organisation brands)

The third one creates mystery

Don’t Blame Me, Someone Came & Awakened the Giant Within: Personal Branding by Storytelling on Social: Speaker, Author & Coach http://t.co/cPLwTpKN1V

The fourth one highlighted my unique designation.

Chief Inspirational Storyteller; Speaker Author & Coach (Storytelling on Social Media) http://t.co/cPLwTpKN1V

The fifth one structures my work in first two parts and shares my personal quest in the third part

Inspirational Storytelling of People, Brand Storytelling of Business & A Global Quest for Unconditional Love for the Soul

The sixth one elaborates my journey and taking my clients on

From Branding to ‘Bonding’ ı From deeper wisdom to deeper connection ı Holding your hand in the storytelling journey

The seventh one structures what I do from goals to tools and the journey

Goals-Build Brands, Connect People, Generate Leads ı Tools-Social Media, Storytelling ı Journey-From Branding to Bonding

The eight one highlighted a milestone in my journey

Once upon a time, I tried to attract attention, now I am learning to deflect it

The ninth one uses an emotional appeal, the strength of storytelling

Sharing Inspiring Stuff, Building Personal (& Business) Brands & Making People Laugh & Cry. Through Omnipotent Stories

The tenth one is similar with a slight modification emphasizing phrases / words like at times and usually

We create ‘Inspiring Stories’, at times they make people laugh & cry, often inspire action & usually build online brands

Current Bio

The current one combines my designation and work together

Chief Inspirational Storyteller, AL Services; Brand storytelling of organisations, Inspirational storytelling of people #Entrepreneur #CXO #BNI #H2H

A Final Word

I also follow the work of Mark Schaeffer, whose book (The Tao of Twitter) is the bestselling book on Twitter yet. He has written two very interesting posts on the subject, “the 20 all time best Twitter bios” and the “20 most wittiest bios”, which I recommend you to read.

And how can I forget to share the profile of my former coach Jennifer Sertl, who influenced my tweets the most. She always asks, “Are you aware that every “like” or RT or endorsement both subtle and explicit are telling a story about who you are and what you value?” So here goes her profile which tells a powerful story, “Biz strategist fostering better decisions, systems thinking, scenario planning. Mind of chess player, Heart of a poet, Inviting depth”       

Yes Jennifer I have accepted your invitation and decided to dive deep. 

Dr. Amit Nagpal   

Chief Inspirational Storyteller at A.L. Services  –

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